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Worker profile

My name is Austin Louis Hamel Born on The 30th of September in 1999 I grew up near Bjorkdale Saskatchewan with two parents Michelle and Todd Hamel I also have a sister and a brother I am currently 17 years old. About me: I am an average height male with good physical strength one allergy to penicillin But no other mental or Physical conditions. I have Dark hair and blue eyes.    Things that I enjoy:  I enjoy being outside enjoying the environment. I like doing various things outside such as weeding. Fishing, Hunting, Skiing, Surfing, Knee boarding, Snowmobiling, and dirt biking.  Things That I am Good at: I am a very hard worker I will always get a job done no matter what it takes.  I am not bothered at all by working overtime or at crazy hours because I am used to it.  I love working outdoors and I can work extremely well with almost all other individuals. References Mr.. Goldsworthy Principal of Bjorkdale school Richard kisner councilor on the R.M of Bjorkdale Todd Hamel pres…